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From Cameroun to London

As a continuation to her piece Immigrant Queen, this art looks back and honours her family and the country where she originally comes from.

Violeta Sofia Mbala Mbassa, Born in Douala Cameroon, daughter of a Cameroonian mother and an Equatorial Guinean Father, uses various  images to portrait her roots and her family’s journey to Europe. Leaving Cameroon when she was just 3 months old, moving to Spain and then London, where she has been living for most of her life.


In these pieces her identity is represented by family portraits, colonial architecture in Santiago de Baney and green virgin land of Cameroon and Bioko Island. In addition to images of Segovia, Spain and her current and final destination London which is represented by a sideways Big Ben.


All of these identities wrapped in a material mount that suggest her art  to be more African. The controversial Ankara fabric associated with West African culture, the Dutch wax print that started out as mass-produced imitations of Indonesian batik fabric. 

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