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Violeta Sofia is an award winning photographer, artist and activist whose journey is as rich and diverse as her artistic portfolio. Born in Cameroon and raised in Spain from a young age, Violeta's multicultural upbringing deeply influences her work, which often explores themes of identity, diversity, and human connection.


Violeta's artistic approach is marked by its simplicity and elegance, capturing the intimate essence of her subjects. Her work is further enriched by her use of vibrant colours, and she draws inspiration from the lighting styles of the old masters, adding depth and richness to her compositions.

As a fine artist and portrait photographer, Violeta has made significant strides in the art world. Her work has been exhibited at prestigious institutions such as the National Portrait Gallery and Christie's, showcasing her ability to blend creativity with a powerful narrative. Additionally, she has graced the covers of renowned publications like Elle Italia, Deadline Hollywood, and The Telegraph, cementing her status as a prominent figure in the industry.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Violeta is also a passionate activist, advocating for female inclusivity and representation in the arts. Through her photography, she seeks to challenge stereotypes and highlight the diverse experiences of women, particularly those of colour.

Today, Violeta's work transcends mere portraiture; it serves as a powerful tool for storytelling and self-expression. Through her lens, she seeks to bridge divides and celebrate the beauty of human diversity. Whether she's capturing the vulnerability of a celebrity or the authenticity in her fine art photography, Violeta Sofia continues to inspire and challenge perceptions through her art and activism.


Vogue, Global • Elle, Itali The Telegraph Magazine  Deadline Hollywood  Flux Review • Mujer Hoy • OK Magazine  Cole  Fashion in Motion  Virtuogenix  Volant  Imirage  Trend Price  Absolute Notting Hill •  Keike  In London​ • Grove  Rascals of London  Mia  Le Guide  Pelo New Look  Voici Londres



2024 National Portrait Gallery, Permanent Exhibition

New Visions and Voices: Contemporary Portraits by Women

2023 Outernet London 

Outdoor Digital Exhibition

2023 Mall Galleries 

Women In Art Fair: Spot Light 

2023 English National Opera 

Under The Skin

2023 Christie's, London

20th - 21st Century Selfhood Exhibition and interview:

Explorations of Being and Becoming in 20th and 21st Century

2023 Art of London 

Art Reframed: Public Outdoor installation, Piccadilly

2023 Mobile Art Disco, London

Under the Skin

2023 National Portrait Gallery, Permanent Exhibition

Reframing Narratives: Women in Portraiture

2023 Whittox Gallery, Rise


2023 FujiFilm House, London

Living the Dream

2021 Museum of Dufferin, Canada 

Solidarity in My Community

2020 Royal Academy of Arts, London,

Summer Exhibition 

2019 Hilton Park Lane

Dancing with Heroes 

2019 LCA Gallery 

London Contemporary Art Prize Finalists

2019 Royal Opera Arcade, London

2019 Goldfinch Studios, Regents Park Rd, London

2019 Oxo Tower, London 

Roy’s Art Fair

2018 The Crypt Gallery, London

2018 Royal Academy of Arts, London,

Summer Exhibition 



Kurt Geiger • Harvey Nichols Top Shop  Secret Sales • Sheer Chemistry  Sorbetto Jewellery  Step2wo  PowerLand (China) • Ian Bennett Hat Designer  Zulily  Pierre Garroudi  Joseph Joseph Designers, Black + Blum Designs  Game of Grace  Annie Sherburne fashions  Lauren Shanley Fashion  Coin Street Community Builders  The Clothe Show​

Violeta Sofia best portrait photographer




Outdoor Media Awards 2023

Community and Social impact Award

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