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Violeta Sofia Imigrant Queen

Immigrant Queen

The piece investigates the themes of identity and the need of belonging, and questions the impact of Brexit and racial inequality.

The UK press was responsible for printing dehumanising stories about Muslims, Migrants and Refugees, which sponsored the rise of hate crime in Britain to records levels. As an immigrant currently living in the UK, these stories forced a change in my artistic self-expression. Because the propaganda in the press was targeting people like me, I was to create my first self-portrait, Immigrant Queen.    

Raised in Spain to Equatorial Guinea and Cameroonian migrant parents, I was searching for an answer to familiar questions:  Where am I from? Why should the colour of my skin restrict my reply? I have now lived in the UK for the majority of my life and this adds another layer to my already diverse background. The EU referendum vote did not help in my quest for identity, it has amplified the uncertainty of my sense of belonging.

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