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Excellence Redefined 



During the month of August, as part of the Camden Together season, celebrity photographer Violeta Sofia invited individuals of black descent to have their portraits taken for an exhibition and talk, showcasing views on “Black Excellence”.


“Why do Black people always have to be excellent, why can’t we just be ourselves?” (Slim, played by Daniel Kaluuya)


Do we try so hard to be perceived as strong and excellent that we lose ourselves in the process? How is this affecting our well being? The idea of being “Strong and Black”, a “Queen/King” or “Black Excellence” often involves the achievement of surpassing ordinary standards while displaying dignity and strength. These boxes create pressure on black individuals and it particularly affects the authenticity of the black youth as they struggle to form their own identity.


They are robbed of the chance to transition into adulthood, they are stripped of softness or delicacy and are expected to perform like super-humans while being treated as sub-humans. Excellence Redefined, Challenges the stereotype of “Black Excellence” and especially encourages young people to express their authentic self and love who they are as they are.


Quotes by Jada Gomez 

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