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Hand Masters x English National Opera

In my ongoing series, Hand Masters, I document my hands at their current stage of discolouration, completely white. Through this exploration, I delve into my emotions and examine the shape, colour, texture, and symmetry of vitiligo. Despite my initial fear, I have channeled my emotions into art that celebrates the rebirth of my ever-changing self. I perceive and objectify my hands as flowers, a centrepiece symbolising a cleansing of my emotional state, accomplishment, growth, individuality, uniqueness, and, of course, beauty. I choose blouses with big sleeves that create the illusion of my arms being placed delicately in a vase, further accentuating the Dutch floral theme.

I was also incredibly excited to discover that two of the three costumes were the costumes of people of colour, including a black woman. This deeply resonated with me because I had never imagined people of color performing at the English National Opera, which isn't widely promoted.

Lastly, being a part of this commission makes my art exceptionally meaningful, as the costumes effectively capture the essence of the 17th century Dutch masters period, serving as a valuable addition to my Hand Masters collection.

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